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Welcome to the Twinhang e-commerce platform operated by Twinhang OÜ (hereinafter referred to as "we")!

Under the premise that you and we both comply with the provisions of this statement, we will use and (URL) websites or other websites established by us at any time (hereinafter referred to as "Website"), or a webpage that can be linked to the website, provides you with our products or services. In view of the characteristics of the network, we will inevitably have a direct or indirect interactive relationship with you. This statement ("Privacy Protection Policy") describes the measures and steps we have taken to keep personal information confidential when operating this website, please You must read it carefully. By visiting this website, we consider that you have agreed to the terms of this privacy protection policy and our revisions to these terms at any time

Commitment to protect privacy
In order to help you obtain information and services as fully as possible by visiting our website, sometimes we need to know some of your personal information. We believe that providing us with your personal information is based on trust in us, and we will take your privacy seriously. This privacy protection policy is intended to help you understand how we collect, use and safely store the personal information you provide. With the development of technology, the adjustment of business operations and the needs of customers, we will continue to review our privacy protection measures, so that our privacy protection policy will continue to improve. To keep you informed of our latest policy, you are welcome to visit our website at any time to check our latest privacy protection policy.

What information does this website collect?
1. Information provided by users
In the registration process, we need you to provide an exclusive user name, password, and mobile phone number. These are collected to help you complete the account registration and protect your account security. Mobile phone numbers are sensitive information, and this type of information is collected to meet the network real-name system requirements of relevant laws and regulations. . If you choose to bind your Twinhang e-commerce platform account with another third-party account, we will also collect your public information on the third-party account platform, such as your nickname, avatar, etc. If you fail to provide this information, you may not be able to access certain parts of our website. You can also choose to fill in the real name, gender, date of birth, city of birth, emotional state and other information according to your needs. Sometimes we may also need to collect other personal information about you when you choose to participate in certain competitions, surveys, or special offers. In accordance with the provisions of this policy, you agree to our storage or processing of your personal information that you provide during the above-mentioned registration process, perfecting your personal information, or choosing to participate in the above-mentioned competitions, surveys, or special product/service provision activities.
2. Credit card information
If you choose to purchase products or obtain services from us, you may need to provide your following personal information (such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, type and expiration date), and authorize us to obtain relevant information Credit card approval. In addition to providing us with the aforementioned personal information, if you choose to send us an email, we need to keep the content of the email together with the address and our reply. In order to retain the information obtained by mail or telephone, we will use We provide the same protection for these electronic communications in the form of electronic communications.
3. In the following situations, we may collect your personal information without your authorization:
(1) Related to national security and national defense security;
(2) Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;
(3) Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;
(4) In the protection of your or other individuals' life, property and other major legal rights and interests, but it is more difficult to obtain your consent;
(5) The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by you yourself;
(6) Collecting personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, public channels for government information, etc.

Information on the use of this website
1. Information record text
Our website uses web server logs and a technology called "cookies" (information record text) to identify you and your privileges to access web pages. "Cookies" are responsible for recording information about how web pages are used. When you use the services provided by our website, in order to make your visit experience easy, we may use various technologies to collect and store information. In the process, one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers may be sent to your device. symbol. Cookies are data automatically sent from a website's server to your browser and stored on your computer hardware. At present, most websites use cookies technology. Cookies do not collect or store any personally identifiable information about you, but simply record the locations you visit on the website and the content you browse.
Whenever a cookie is sent to you, most web browsers can automatically remind you and give you the opportunity to choose to reject the cookie. Due to the dynamic nature of our website, if you refuse a cookie, it may affect your future use of the website to a certain extent. You may occasionally receive cookies from our advertisers. These cookies are sent from a third party’s computer and should comply with the relevant policies of that third party.
The technology company advertising on our website also uses cookies. The information it collects that cannot be identified as an individual is used for the purpose of advertising positioning and evaluating advertising effects on behalf of customers with special requirements.
When you browse certain pages of this website, our server records your IP address, which is a number that can be automatically assigned to your computer through the Internet service provider whenever you are online. Our server can also record the web pages you link to us, for example, a search engine. Our server cannot automatically record your name or address.
2. How is the information used?
We may also use cookies and similar technologies to collect your information to understand your preferences, conduct consultation or data analysis, improve product services and user experience, provide advertising effects, and timely detect and prevent security risks. Under the premise of following this privacy protection policy, we will use the personal information you provide, for example, to include you in our user database to enable you to participate in a competition, to enable you to browse certain types of content on the website, or to enable you Complete an online order or respond to an inquiry. We may send you relevant information in the form of e-mail or mobile phone text messages that we think you will be interested in. Certain banner advertisements on the web page will also pop up to the most relevant readers, so that they can see what is most likely to appeal to them. advertise. For these purposes, we will disclose certain information to third parties only in a group-integrated manner.
Of course, you can completely choose not to receive some of our emails or mobile phone text messages. To help you refuse to receive our emails or mobile phone text messages, you can log in to the website to change the relevant registration information to unsubscribe related emails. Perform an unsubscribe operation when texting.
We use cookies to record the number of users participating in our promotional and contest activities, as well as to predict the number of views of our advertisements, and to understand your visits on our website. This information helps us to continuously improve our website to provide you with more personalized services. We promise that we will not use this technology to track your private email address or other personally identifiable information.
For the purpose of internal system management, we use IP addresses and statistical data recorded by other web servers to help diagnose problems with our servers, report relevant cumulative information to our advertisers, and manage our servers. Your IP address may also be used to calculate relevant statistics, such as the country where the user comes from. In order to develop products, we will perform statistical analysis based on data such as click-through rates in different areas of the website.

Disclosure to third parties
We will keep the personal information we know about you confidential, but we can provide it to the following parties:
•Banks and other financial institutions related to online order payment;
• Persons, agencies and their employees, consultants, auditors, contractors or service providers who provide services or advice to our operations, provide services or advice to us in relation to our business;
•Persons who have confidentiality obligations to us;
• According to laws and regulations and public interest purposes, we must disclose information to the person or organization;
• Participating operators or transferees of our business or website (including actual or proposed transferees);
• We provide visitors with the opportunity to choose to agree to receive quotations for services and products that may be of interest to them. If you did not clearly indicate that you would not accept those orders at the time, these entities may also send you quotations. If you no longer want us to share your contact information with other third parties, please log on to our website and modify your membership registration information. We are not responsible for any contact between the company that has previously obtained your personal information and you.
If the information you provide to us is related to promotional activities jointly organized by us and other websites or entities, the purpose of the information will be consistent with the specific purpose confirmed in the information provision process, and the partners may share this information.
Your personal information may be used by us or our affiliated and cooperative companies for business marketing and other purposes.

How do you access and modify your information?
You can directly log in to the website to modify or update your personal information, or you can send an email to about your access information or modification requirements or any questions or complaints. Or mail to: Sakala tn 7-2, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia, 10141. However, due to security and identification considerations, you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided during registration.

Use of personal information in legal proceedings
If we must bring a lawsuit against you due to copyright infringement and other reasons, you hereby expressly agree that the personal information you provide can be used as an effective basis for identifying your identity and bringing legal proceedings against you.

Data retention
We will always retain your personal information as long as it is required for the aforementioned purpose of use.

If you contact us by e-mail, you need to understand that the transmission of e-mail is not absolutely secure. The third party can see the information you send during the transmission process. We are not responsible for the leakage of your information due to the fault of a third party or unauthorized actions during the transmission process.

Legal rights
We may disclose certain user information to government agencies based on our own judgment. When we have reason to believe that the actions of certain people are infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of us, other website users or third parties, we may also disclose user information.

Business transfer
If one or more third parties obtain the website or all its assets due to merger, sale, liquidation, etc., all personal information of the user will become part of the transferred property.

Consent to processing
By providing personal information to this website, you have understood and agreed that your information will be collected, retained, processed or transferred to all the aforementioned regions on the Twinhang e-commerce platform.

Right to change this agreement
We reserve the right to modify or update this agreement or any other policies or practices at any time without any notice to any user of the website. Any modification or update will become effective as soon as it is posted on the website.

We will take reasonable measures to protect the security and integrity of the information you provide to the website. However, due to the inherent nature of the Internet as an open global communication tool, we cannot guarantee that this information will be absolutely safe and protected from other parties such as computer hackers. Any access to or use of the website or the collected or retained information without our authorization or permission will be immediately noticed by us and will be notified and recorded through the corresponding computer monitoring program. We will investigate and, if necessary, take legal measures to protect this privacy protection policy or prevent violations of the policy.
Please be careful not to disclose your personal information in the chat room or via voice chat, or in the information board. Whenever you disclose, all information will be collected or used by others. If you post your personal information in a public area, other people will send you email messages that are not what you expected. Please keep your personal information carefully and cleverly. We are not responsible for the security of the information you publish, disclose, upload in any of the aforementioned public areas, or disclose in other ways that are not legally required by this website.

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