Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


In the event that you need to return your order to Twinhang OÜ, please call Customer Service for return instructions. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

Notification of queries and/or complaints must be made to Twinhang OÜ verbally or in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of goods and/or invoice, whichever is the later.

Domestic Shipping Information

All orders are shipped FCA shipping point. Transportation charges will vary with the destination, weight/volume, and content of each shipment. Special packaging, such as poison packs or metal over-pack cans, may be necessary for safe delivery of certain hazardous chemicals. All special packaging, administrative, and freight charges are available on request and indicated on our invoices.

Twinhang OÜ complies with all Domestic and International regulations pertaining to the safe shipping of hazardous materials by air, ground or sea. UN numbers have been assigned to all hazardous materials (see CFR49) . There are items that are not permitted to ship by air (mainly toxic gases and inhalation hazards) and your Customer Service Representative will advise you if this is the case in regard to a particular product.

Twinhang OÜ uses all major carriers, including Federal Express and UPS. Whenever possible we will ship by your preferred method. However, we reserve the right to change a requested method of shipment if it does not comply with regulations or, in our judgment, may not deliver a product safely.

International Shipping Information

The rules and restrictions governing the international transportation of chemical products are complex and onerous. We strive to ship all orders without delay and to minimize delivery costs within such regulatory rules. For this reason, we request that international orders have a minimum of $500.

Orders for delivery outside of the contiguous China an Estonia are dispatched FCA shipping point, via Air freight (Federal Express.) We request all delivery charges and carrier imposed hazmat fees will be billed to your Federal Express account. Let us know if this is not satisfactory. For door-to-door deliveries, all freight, duties and taxes will be billed collect to your Federal Express account. For door to airport deliveries, shipments will be made to the nearest airport which handles chemical shipments and Buyer will arrange customs clearance through an IATA approved broker or agent.

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